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26th September 2014

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New York

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Generate conferences are brought to you by net magazine and Creative Bloq. After a great inaugural event, we're launching Generate New York and returning to London in 2014.

A source of inspiration, education and networking opportunities, this year Generate will be packed with more top content from world-class speakers.


"Team is back at Empire HQ now - Amazing and insightful time had by all at #generateconf #neverstoplearning #lookoutsideyourbox"

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  • London 2013 Keynote

    Oliver Reichenstein
    Duration: 29 minutes
    Recorded: 13 Sep 2013
    Bio: Oliver Reichenstein studied philosophy in Basel and Paris, he started working as interactive brand consultant for Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux.
    He moved to Japan in September 2003 and started iA Inc in 2005. iA has offices in Zurich and Tokyo. It has set new standards in interaction design with clients like DIE ZEIT, Tages-Anzeiger and Freitag and its best selling text editor called iA Writer.
  • The New Era of JavaScript

    Jack Franklin
    Duration: 28 minutes
    Recorded: 13 Sep 2013
    We're seeing more and more of the processing on sites being moved to the client site and done with JavaScript. In this talk we'll look at some approaches, libraries and frameworks for solving issues and even if we should be doing it at all. When is it a good idea to shift from server to client, and when should we stick to the traditional approach of all the heavy processing and work being done on the server?
  • Beyond Progressive Enhancement

    Stephanie Reiger
    Duration: 35 minutes
    Recorded: 13 Sep 2013
    The time is 2020. The inflection point has long passed. Most web traffic is now coming from some manner of portable device. And if Google Chairman Eric Schmidt (and many others') predictions have come true, we will have truly reached time where "... will just be seamless. It will just be there. The web will be everything, and it will be nothing. It will be like electricity."

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