Staff Engineer, Slack

Mina Markham is a Staff Engineer at Slack. She’s a lover of design systems and prolific public speaker, appearing at events worldwide, including CSS Dev Conf, Fluent, and Future of Web Design. Previously at Hillary for America, her work on the Pantsuit pattern library has been spotlighted in WIRED, Forbes, Fast Company, and Communication Arts. Mina likes ampersands, Oreos, traveling, cupcakes, and the color pink. She lives in Oakland, California.


Data Visualisation Designer, Freelance

Nadieh Bremer is a graduated astronomer, turned data scientist, turned data visualization designer, based near Amsterdam. She's currently works as a freelancer under the name ‘Visual Cinnamon’. Nadieh focuses on uniquely crafted (interactive) data visualizations that both engage and enlighten its audience. She won ‘Best Individual’ in the ‘Information is Beautiful Awards’ in 2017. She has worked for big companies - such as Google News Lab & UNESCO and small start-ups. 

Jeremy Keith


Web stuff do-er, Clearleft

Remy Sharp


Founder of ffconf, Runner of jQuery for Designers


Senior front-end developer, Netlify

Charlie is a senior front-end developer at Netlify, a Mozilla Tech Speaker and Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies. She is passionate about the web and human-computer interaction. She spends her free time building interactive prototypes mixing science, art and technology, and also loves to give back to the community by mentoring new developers, contributing to open-source projects, and speaking at conferences.

Phil Hawksworth


Principal Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify

With a passion for browser technologies, and the empowering properties of the web, he loves seeking out ingenuity and simplicity, especially in places where over-engineering is common. With more than 20 years of building web applications for companies such as Google, Apple, Nike, R/GA, and The London Stock Exchange, Phil has worked to challenge traditional technical architectures in favour of simplicity and effectiveness.