The Mythology of Design Systems

Design systems have dominated web design conversations for a few years. Just as there’s no one way to make a website, there is no one way to make a design system. 

Unfortunately this has led to a lot of misconceptions around the creation and impact of this increasingly important tool. Do any of these sound familiar?

“It’s too restrictive.”
“It limits creativity.”
“It won’t work for editorial projects.”
“It’ll solve all our problems.”

Drawing on her experiences building design systems at two highly visible and vastly different organisations, Mina will debunk some common myths surrounding design systems.


Staff Engineer, Slack

Mina Markham is a Staff Engineer at Slack. She’s a lover of design systems and prolific public speaker, appearing at events worldwide, including CSS Dev Conf, Fluent, and Future of Web Design. Previously at Hillary for America, her work on the Pantsuit pattern library has been spotlighted in WIRED, Forbes, Fast Company, and Communication Arts. Mina likes ampersands, Oreos, traveling, cupcakes, and the color pink. She lives in Oakland, California.