Videos and slide decks of all sessions will be made available to attendees after the event, so you can dig deeper and catch up on any talks you’ve missed. You are welcome to share them with the rest of your team. In fact, we positively encourage it!

Below you can find (almost) all the talks from all the Generates so far. Happy watching!

Generate London 2016

Brad Weaver
Pricing Your Work

Mike Kus
Be the black sheep

Bruce Lawson
WWW: World Wide Web, not Wealthy Westerners Web

Jen Simmons
Revolutionize your page: Real art direction on the web

Micah Godbolt
Road runner Rules for Design Systems

Ida Aalen
Never show a design you haven't tested

Nadieh Bremer
SVG Beyond Mere Shapes

Brendan Dawes
Paper, plastic and pixels

Michel Ferreira
The Science of Good Design

Vlad Magdalin
The future of web design is not code

Cennydd Bowles
All singing, all dancing

Paul Lewis
Progressive Web Apps

Eva-Lotta Lamm
Kickstart your sketching skills

Anna Dahlström
Building device-agnostic UX systems

Rachel Simpson
Designing for our next billion users

Jeff Veen
Crafting a creative culture

Generate San Francisco 2016

Peter Smart
The Future of the Web and How to Prepare for it Now

Wes Bos
Modern workflow and tooling for frontend developers

Lyza Gardner
Everyone else is so clever

Vlad Magdalin
The Incredible Power of Flexbox

Sarah Drasner
Intricate SVG Animations

Mike Monteiro
In praise of ordinary people

Jake Knapp & John Zeratsky
Design Sprints for Startups

Stephanie Rieger
The internet of things is for people

Generate New York 2016

Cameron Moll
Unified UX

Hannah Donovan
Souls and machines

Tim Holman
Don't hate the player, hate the game

Jon Setzen
Overthinking design and embracing minutia

Matt D Smith
Responsive design in the real world

Meg Lewis
Designing for happy companies

Sarah Drasner
Functional Animation

Stacy Mulcahy
Connected spaces

Una Kravets
CSS image effects

Tim Kadlec
Once more, with feeling

Dan Mall
Proper Etiquette for the Advancement of Design

Marcy Sutton
Accessibility and performance

Stephen Gates
1% Inspiration. 99% Designing, Prototyping & Testing

Generate New York 2017

Ben Callahan: Building a human-centered culture


Jon Burgerman: 

It's great to create

Matt Griffin:

 I, Web designer



Steve Fisher: Conflict is the key to great UX

Jennifer Brook:


Demystifying Fieldwork

Lissa Aguilar:



The UX Designer’s Survival Guide

Catt Small:

Ship it sooner: How to get more done in less time

Mina Markham:



Styling Hillary: A design system for all americans

Jen Simmons:


Designing with Grid

Mindy Gold:

Designing for Conversations

Tammy Everts: Connecting the dots between design, performance, and conversion rates

Sara Soueidan: Practical frontend solutions for creative design challenges

Pamela Pavliscak: When Your Internet Things Know How You Feel

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